A Warner Brothers Insider Calls 'Justice League: The Synder Cut' "A Pipe Dream" That Will Never Happen
Warner Brothers

The online support for #ReleaseTheSnyderCut has never waivered and even the stars of ‘Justice League’ have voiced their support for Warner Brothers to allow Zack Snyder to recut his movie the way he originally envisioned it, before stepping aside and allowing Joss Whedon to finish the film.  With the announcement of Warner Brothers’ new streaming service, HBO Max, fans have expressed hope that this service could be the perfect outlet.

But don’t hold your breath.  It seems that no matter how much support the “Snyder Cut” gets, Warner Brothers isn’t investing millions to create a director’s cut of a movie that failed at the box office, and hasn’t become a cult favorite on home video.


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Variety spoke to a “knowledgeable insider” who dismissed the very idea:

“That’s a pipe dream.  There’s no way it’s ever happening.”

Warner Brothers

The behind-the-scenes issues on ‘Justice League’ are well-known.  Snyder began directing just after the release of ‘Batman V Superman’, a movie that was nearly universally hated and that proved to be a financial disaster.  But Snyder was already locked in to direct ‘Justice League’ and it was too late to change plans.  However, ‘Justice League’ was reportedly being constantly rewritten.  Then, when Joss Whedon, who had made the hit Marvel films ‘Avengers’ and ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ approached WB about directing a ‘Batgirl’ movie, the studio jumped at the chance to have him put his stamp on ‘Justice League’.

Following the death of his daughter, Snyder stepped away from ‘Justice League’, and Whedon handled reshoots, lightening the tone, and changing the music (with Danny Elfman replacing Junkie XL), among other alterations.  Audiences had complained that ‘Batman V Superman’ was too dark, but even with a lighter tone, ‘Justice League’ was not a hit.


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And like it or not, “The Snyder Cut” would require a lot more money to finish scenes and special effects.  And it’s highly unlikely that this version would generate enough money.  The original version of ‘Justice League’ has been available on DVD and Blu-Ray for almost two years, so pretty much anyone who wants to own it already does.  It’s also unlikely that anyone is going to sign up for HBO Max just to see the “Synder Cut.”  The bulk of movie watchers and consumers are not die-hards who would embrace a director’s cut.

What do you think about the idea that “The Snyder Cut” will never happen?