Kevin Smith DC Daily

The new DC Universe streaming service will offer an exclusive news series called ‘DC Daily’.  “DC Daily will offer fans entertaining news and insights, exclusive guest appearances, interviews and panel discussions with some of the most knowledgeable voices in the DC universe.”  While the show will only be available on DC Universe, some headline segments will be released for free via Youtube and possibly other online outlets.  ‘DC Daily’ replaces the Youtube series ‘DC All Access’ which launched in 2013.  (Perhaps to avoid confusion with CBS All Access?)

Celebrity director and blogger Kevin Smith will host a live stream on August 29th to kick things off.  Hollywood-based Smith will launch the live stream at 4:30pm PST.  Smith will introduce subscribers to the “format, sets and exclusive content” that will be offered on ‘DC Daily’ as well as other content that DC Universe will be offering when it launches in the fall.  Fans can tune in to Smith’s live stream via YouTube, as well as Facebook and Twitch.

Here is a preview of the ‘DC Daily’ set:

‘DC Daily’ will be broken up into three segments: “Headlines,” including all of the day’s biggest news briefs; “Reports,” a more in depth examination of a single topic, which may include interviews or examinations of new comics, films or TV series; and “Talk” a panel discussion of a single topic.  While “Headlines” will be shared via Youtube and possibly other outlets, “Talk” is limited strictly to DC Universe and its subscribers.  There doesn’t appear to be a set host or panel, as it is stated that these positions will rotate among “a variety of faces familiar to DC fans.”  (Smith is only hosting the preview live stream.)  As you may have inferred by the name, expect a new episode on a daily basis.  It wasn’t stated how long ‘DC Daily’ episodes will be, but 30 minutes seems likely.

As stated, Smith’s live stream will take place next Wednesday but Warner Brothers still hasn’t announced an official launch date for DC Universe, so check back for more news as it surfaces.

Source: DC Comics