As most Arrowverse fans are aware of by now, Crisis is coming, and along with that Crisis is also a massive crossover event which will take place over episodes of  ‘Arrow,’ ‘Supergirl,’ ‘The Flash,’ ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ and ‘Batwoman,’ with cameos thrown in not only from the multiple CW DC series (including ‘Black Lightning’), but also from a myriad of other DC series and movies from the past few decades. It is a safe bet that the cameos fans are most excited about are Brandon Routh, taking up the mantle of Superman once more after his brief time as the Man of Steel in ‘Superman Returns,’ and of course, Tom Welling returning as Clark Kent (aka Superman) from ‘Smallville,’ which means, alongside Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman from the Arrowverse, gives us THREE Supermen to battle evil during the Crisis.

While speaking to news outlet Extra recently, Arrowverse Executive Producer Greg Berlanti spoke on the crossover event and all the Supermen, stating:

“It is our biggest one yet. It’s really incredibly epic and I think everyone is going to be satisfied. There are so many cameos, really great cameos. People have seen some of the castings we’ve had in the trades, but in one scene we’ve three Supermen onscreen at one time and that’s pretty cool.”

Now that does not necessarily mean we will not get more than one scene with all of the Supermen together, but even one will be incredible, to see all these generations of actors playing Superman together on screen standing next to each other, all playing the Man of Steel for an epic adventure unlike anything we have seen on television before.

And not only will we be getting multiple Superman, but we will also have two different Lois Lanes on screen for the crossover. Erica Durance, who played Lois on ‘Smallville’ for 6 years will be joining Tom Welling for “multiple episodes,’ which means she may appear in scenes alongside the Lois Lane of the ‘Arrowverse,’ Elizabeth Tulloch, last seen pregnant and about to marry Hoechlin’s Superman during last year’s crossover event, but clearly being brought back into the mix in anticipation of the upcoming CW Series ‘Superman and Lois.’


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Sadly, there is some speculation that the multiple Supermen of the crossover might lead to the story following some of the more tragic elements of the comic the event is based on, including the death of Superboy, which might mean one of these Supermen might meet an untimely end before the crossover event is over. Since Hoechlin is signed up for a new series, it’s unlikely to be him, though with Routh potentially leaving the Arrowverse in the near future it could be his Superman that perishes, though the comic might suggest Welling’s Superman might be the more likely choice.

From a certain point of view, ‘Smallville’ played a lot closer to being the story of “Superboy” since Clark never put on the costume (minus the finale), so he could be the one to die in the Crisis if a Superman is going to lose his life, which would certainly have a lot of impact since the fans love that character so much.

Still, we’ll have to wait and see how it all shakes out when the crossover begins in December. Till then, feel free to share any thoughts or theories you might have in the comments below!