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Are we getting our first crossover between the ‘X-Men’ movie universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Well, no, but close.  Daniel Cudmore has been cast in a recurring role on Hulu’s live-action series ‘Helstrom’, based on the Marvel comic book characters Daimon and Ana (Satana) Helstrom, who might be the children of Satan.

On the show, their father is a notorious serial killer.  It’s unknown if that is a misdirect or if the show is deviating from the comics.  Cudmore’s character, Keith Spivey, is “a nurse at St. Teresa’s where  Daimon and Ana’s mother, Victoria, has been institutionalized for the last 20 years.”  (per Deadline)


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Of course, Cudmore may be best known among comic book adaptation fans for playing Colossus in the ‘X-Men’ films.  He debuted in ‘X2: X-Men United’, and went on to appear in ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ (a.k.a. ‘X-Men 3’), and in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’, in which he was part of the mutant resistance that had gone into hiding to avoid the Sentinels.  He is also listed as having made an uncredited appearance in this year’s ‘Dark Phoenix’, but I don’t recall seeing him.

In other comic book adaptations, he appeared as Jackhammer on ‘Arrow’, Gridlock on ‘The Flash’, and the Minotaur on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’.


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He also portrayed Felix in the ‘Twilight’ movies, and most recently co-starred on Freeform’s ‘Siren’ as Bryan. Among his other credits are ‘The Magicians’, ‘Van Helsing’, and ‘Fringe’, and the Hallmark movie series ‘All of my Heart’ with Lacey Chabert.

‘Helstrom’ stars Tom Austen as Daimon Helstrom, Sydney Lemmon as Ana Helstrom, Elizabeth Marvel as Victoria Helstrom, Robert Wisdom as Caretaker, June Carryl as Dr. Louise Hastings, Ariana Guerra as Gabriella Rosetti, and Alain Uy as Chris Yen.  Paul Zbyszewski acts as showrunner and executive producer.

With  the recent shakeups behind-the-scenes as Marvel Studios/Marvel Entertainment, it’s quite possible that ‘Helstrom’ may be the last Marvel TV show we see outside of Disney+ for a while, as Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige is now calling the shots, and ‘Helstrom’ originated under the old regime and its leader Jeph Loeb, who is now leaving Disney outright.

Are you looking forward to ‘Helstrom’?  What do you think of Daniel Cudmore’s casting?