Jigsaw Actor Ben Barnes in Punisher

While enough time has passed that most fans have recovered from the shock and sadness of seeing all of the Marvel/ Netflix series cancelled, it seems there are still some looking back at the wild ride that came from watching ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Jessica Jones,’ ‘Luke Cage,’ ‘Iron Fist,’ ‘The Defenders,’ and ‘The Punisher,’ including some of the people who worked on those series. Case in point, Ben Barnes, who played Billy Russo, aka villain Jigsaw on ‘The Punisher.’ He recently took to social media and posted a deleted scene from ‘The Punisher’ Season 1, which has him and Frank Castle in a slow-motion flashback scene in a brawl outside of a bar.

You can check it out for yourself below:

What is intriguing about the clip is that this might just be the first “Deleted Scene” from one of the Marvel/ Netflix series that audiences have seen, as the home video releases of these series have been very light on Special Features. With the length of each series, and the (relatively minor) criticism from some fans over pacing and “filler” episodes, many had wondered whether any of the shows actually cut many scenes or shots, or just used everything they got (which is realistically very unlikely, but you never know).

This video from Barnes proves that at least one scene was cut from ‘The Punisher,’ most likely because it was going to be used to further build up the existing friendship and history between Frank and Billy, something that was already established in many other scenes and flashbacks. But it is making many people wonder whether other scenes exist and whether maybe those might get released in the future. Also interesting is the fact that Ben Barnes is the one that released this clip, not Marvel Television or Netflix, which means other actors from the other series might also have some footage they are holding onto, that maybe they could share with the public in the future (though that is kind of unlikely, but you never know).

What did you think of the pacing of the Marvel/ Netflix shows? Did you feel like the seasons were too long? Do you want to see more deleted or extended scenes from the series? Feel free to share your thoughts below!