In less than 6 weeks, the new season of ‘Doctor Who’ will begin and in anticipation of its premiere (and to tease Whovians even more), the Beebs has released a new trailer for the series!

Season 9 promises to be full of surprises and may even answer some questions that fans have had since the appearance of the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi). Some of these questions include how did the Doctor end up with a face we’ve seen before? What part did the 12th Doctor have to help his home planet in ‘Day of the Doctor’ (apparently this will be answered in the penultimate and season finale)? And most of all, where did Gallifrey go (a little FYI, according to actress Michelle Gomez, Missy aka The Master does indeed know where Gallifrey is)?

Of course the big question still remains: Who is Maisie Willaims playing? While speculation have ranged from her being a new character, a regenerated River Song, the Doctor’s daughter Jenny, to even going as far back as to the first series and thinking she is Susan, the Doctor’s granddaughter, we really won’t know until her episode airs.

Until then, the Season 9 trailer for ‘Doctor Who’ will continue to tease the fans, not only with more snippets of Williams, but with new footage of new lands, new aliens and the return of Daleks, Zygons and Missy.

The start of Season 9 can’t come soon enough! Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!

Season 9 of ‘Doctor Who’ will premiere on BBC America on Saturday, September 19th.