Teminator: Dark Fate Gabriel Luna and Arnold Schwarzenegger fight

If there were ever a personification of all that is great in the action film genre, it would be Arnold Schwarzenegger. At 72 years old, the Austrian strongman still maintains his commanding presence. Whether it be delivering deadpan dialog, or spraying bullets out of a moving vehicle, Schwarzenegger is one intimidating son of a … gun.

To show that the action hero remains a great watch, Collider showed off a new clip from ‘Terminator: Dark Fate.’ Here we get to see the T-800 attempt to combat a helicopter while in the back of a moving plan. As if the stakes were not already high enough, behind the controls of that chopper is the Rev-9 Terminator. The new robo-baddie is played by Ghost Rider himself, Gabriel Luna (‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’). This shootout sees veteran terminator hunter Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) standing side-by-side with her former adversary. Explosions, CGI, and stuntwork. Oh, my! Check it out!

The T-800 isn’t precisely an emotionless killing machine now. Previous trailers have alluded to the cybernetic organism as having evolved over the years, and it now wants to be called ‘Carl.’ Does this mean there’s a possibility we could see a sitcom in the works showing a retired T-800 living the American Dream? Well, this sequel is just the beginning of what James Cameron hopes is a whole new life cycle for the franchise.

‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ continues the story of Sarah Connor. Together she and a mysterious new hybrid terminator attempt to protect a new future savior from a new technological terror. Schwarzenegger and Hamilton are joined by two franchise newcomers: Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes. Judgement Day may have been adverted because Skynet isn’t the only threat to humanity.

‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ is helmed by ‘Deadpool’ director Tim Miller, and will premiere in the US on November 1st.