Judge Dredd Series Will Focus On The People In His Life

Judge Dredd has had a tumultuous history with trying to draw him out of the comics onto the big screen.  The first movie starred Sylvester Stallone in 1995 and was a box office disaster.  The second had Karl Urban in the role as the uber-cop, which was released in 2012.  Urban’s version did better, but still didn’t do as well as producers, and the fans desired.  Urban was in favor of a sequel but after it was confirmed in 2016 that nothing was planned, those hopes were dashed.


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However, there has been some talk lately of a series being produced that portrays the Judge Dredd universe, entitled ‘Judge Dredd: Mega-City One.’  The PR director for the film, Mike Molcher, recently revealed that the series wouldn’t just focus on Dredd, but would involve people around him as well:

“Work is ongoing. There’s not much more than that, unfortunately. Think ‘Hill Street Blues’ set in the world of Judge Dredd. We’re looking at an ensemble cast, really exploring the world, seeing it from the point of view not of Dredd, but of those who work around him and the kind of crazy crimes and the general madness that you get in a city of 400 million people confined to a much more smaller space. Yeah, work is ongoing at the moment. There is a lot of speculation and what not going around – we’re just at that point where you can’t say anything.”

Despite Molcher’s comments, it looks like ‘Mega-City One’ is a non-starter.  Since being announced a few years ago, all that has been confirmed is that Rob Williams is creative lead and it would be produced by Mark Stern, Stuart Ford, Jason Kingsley, and Chris Kingsley.  Finally, at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that the script for the pilot was complete but production hadn’t even started.

I’ve always liked the Judge Dredd movies and I hope that the series does get created, but at this point, I’m not holding my breath.  What do you think about the idea of a Judge Dredd series?



Source: Screen Rant