The TV show ‘American Horror Story’ has become a staple of TV watchers for quite a while now — nine seasons in fact.  As they moved through the current season, they aired their 100th episode!  To celebrate the accomplishment, FX put together a mashup of all the opening credits for all nine of the seasons.  See it above!

In addition to this tribute, series co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed his favorite episodes in a recent interview.  He began by stating that his favorite was actually the series premiere:

“The first, and always number one in my heart, for several reasons.  One, Brad [Falchuk] and I spent so long on it… years on the pitch, years on the script, until [FX CEO] John Landgraf and [co-head of 20th Century Fox TV] Dana Walden and Brad and I got it to where we wanted.”



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Murphy went on to detail that getting the show started actually took about four years from concept to filming and he was always aware of the heightened risk.  Unlike most serials that have a storyline that progresses and evolves from season to season, ‘American Horror Story’ starts over with an entirely new story each season.  He elaborated:

“Dana Walden has said to me several times it was one of the most out of the box ideas in the history of modern television, and I think she’s right.  I remember John saying to me when I gave him the final pitch, ‘Wait a minute… you’re going to burn down the sets every year and start over every season?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He paused and then said ‘This scares me… but excites me, too. Let’s do it.’ That first season sort of reinvented the anthological storytelling space that I loved as a kid and has ushered in a whole new way of making television creatively and economically and I’m very proud of that.”

‘American Horror Story’ airs on FX, with earlier seasons also found on Netflix.

Jessica Lange in American Horror Story