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It was a big week for bad girls.  Zoë Kravitz was announced as the new Catwoman in Warner Brothers’ ‘The Batman’, and it was revealed that the sequel to ‘Venom’ would introduce Shriek.  Now comes word that Sony is in talks for Naomie Harris to take on the role, as a sonic-powered supervillain that is in love with symbiote Carnage, who will be played by Woody Harrelson.

Harris was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in the movie ‘Moonlight’.  (The film itself won Motion Picture of the Year and Best Adapted Screenplay, and Mahershala Ali won for Best Supporting Actor.)  She may be better recognized for playing Eve Moneypenny in the current James Bond franchise, having appeared in ‘Skyfall’, ‘Spectre’, and the upcoming ‘No Time to Die’, or for playing Tia Dalma in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise.  She will next be seen in the cop drama ‘Black and Blue’ with Mike Colter, and next year, she will be seen in the HBO series ‘The Third Day’ with Jude Law.

Shriek– real name Frances Barrison– is a mutant with sonic powers.  She can project sonic blasts, fly and use her powers to manipulate people, drawing out their darkest impulses.  It should be noted that Venom’s greatest weakness is loud noises.  Shriek becomes infatuated with Carnage, and with him, “adopts” other symbiote “children” to wreak havoc.


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Harrelson made a cameo in ‘Venom’ as serial killer Cletus Kassidy, and he will return as the main villain in ‘Venom 2’.  Andy Serkis is directing, with a script by Kelly Marcel, who contributed to the screenplay for the first.  Among her other projects are the in-production ‘Cruella’ and Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’ project.

Stars Tom Hardy (Eddie Brock/Venom) and Michelle Williams (Anne Weying) are slated to return.  Williams has expressed a desire for her character to spend more time as She-Venom, something that only happened for a moment in the first film.  If so, we may be in for a super catfight between She-Venom and Shriek.

Are you familiar with Naomie Harris’ work?  Would you like to see her as a supervillain?

‘Venom 2’ is already scheduled to open on October 2, 2020.  The film is expected to begin filming early next year.


Source: Variety