Syfy Channel’s ‘Eureka’ loans ‘Warehouse 13’ one of its favorite sons on this week’s episode – ‘Don’t Hate The Player.’ Although this imaginative episode focuses on Claudia, (Allison Scagliotti) we can’t help but be happy to see Fargo’s (Neil Grayston) familiar face again.

As we know from past episodes, Claudia had some issues with her Brother that lead to a breakdown with some time spent in psychiatric care. We open on Claudia at the coffee bar of a club, fetching coffee for the team and complaining that the Warehouse needs interns for “that sort of thing.” Pete asks why she doesn’t take the stage herself, as there is a musician playing guitar on the stage, and she deftly avoids the question.

When Claudia gets a phone call, the man informs her that “he” gave him her number in case anything went wrong with the beta test. “He who?” Claudia asks, “Fargo.” says the man (Steven Yeun of “The Walking Dead”), and they are off. The next scene finds Fargo and other beta testers hooked up to a video gaming system with Fargo convulsing wildly.

Meanwhile, Artie takes “the new guy” Steve Jinks, (Aaron Ashmore) along on a call from that diabolical FBI agent from the season premiere episode. A museum curator has seemingly committed suicide, only the window he supposedly threw himself from was plate glass. A very famous and rare Picasso is our artifact in question, and Artie and Jinks must retrieve it.

Claudia and Pete must go into the game in order to save Fargo, who has used a popular British writer’s tea set in order to trick the players brain into entering the game completely. Along the way, they see surprising similarities to the Warehouse in the game Fargo has created. Artie appears as an NPC, (Non Playable Character) as does Lena, who has enormous… “Wings” – according to Pete.

As Claudia discovers the key they need to move on in the game, she is nearly engulfed by quick sand. The quick sand is where they find Fargo and rescue him. The game, he says, is changing things, and in dangerous ways. Another player enters, what gamers call a “Boss” meaning an NPC that is more of a challenge than regular NPC’s. This Boss player takes away their virtual game controllers, which according to Fargo, is not supposed to happen. Myka chimes in on Pete’s virtual Farnsworth, and tells them that Fargo’s vital signs have returned to normal, and that they need to find Jerry. Off to the Black Tower to save the Princess they go.

Back in reality, Myka needs a woman, in this case Jerry’s girlfriend, to discover what his real fear might be, since that is what the gamers are facing in the game itself.

Artie and Jinks attempt to make off with a priceless painting when the FBI agent steps in. The painting roars to life, but Artie and his quick thinking negates the artifacts affects. Something goes wrong setting the alarm off, which allows the agent to quickly escape with the painting, leaving Artie and Jinks holding the bag, as it were.

Claudia, Pete, and Fargo make it to the Black Tower and use the key to open the door to the Princesses room, only to find that the Princess, has been modeled after… OK, you get three guesses.

“What, are those things, on my chest?” asks Claudia, “Freckles?” quips Fargo. This is a very funny scene, and Pete’s expression comes through even in the Photoshopped effect in the film. Soon, Claudia must face her worst fears, and is rescued by a sexy, black leather bound warrior woman… oh wait… Myka!? I’ll need a moment.

The team figure out how to defeat the big boss, who has taken the form of Jerry’s would be fiancé if he’d have ever asked her. In a final showdown, to the tune from Star Trek where Captain Kirk and Spock battle each other, the game is eventually won.

Meanwhile, in a surprise twist, FBI agent Sally Stukowski shows up and vouches for Artie and Jinks, setting them free? That sneaky twit is up to no good, and I don’t care for her one bit!

And I thought last weeks episode with H.G. Wells couldn’t be topped, with writers and a cast this great, it’s really no wonder at all why this is SyFy’s Golden Child Scripted show!

And if you missed last weeks episode, you can see it here: ‘Warehouse 13: 3…2…1’ – Recap