Best known for his 16 year stint on ‘Uncanny X-Men’,  Chris Claremont has become a legend along with the late Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. During an ‘X-Men’ panel at New York Comic Con, the co-creator of fan favorites like Rogue and Mystique revealed that he did not care for the ‘X-Men’ film franchise 20th Century Fox has released since 2000.  He also disclosed that he would be returning to Marvel to write an all-new ‘X-Men’ title yet to be announced.

After the panelists discussed how Stan Lee’s stories were adapted for the silver screen, Claremont admitted, “I wish they’d gotten my films right.”

Dark Phoenix‘, the latest film in the ‘X-Men’ franchise largely based on a Claremont story, received a low rating of 23 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The review aggregator’s Critics Consensus says the film “ends an era of the ‘X-Men’ franchise by taking a second stab at adapting a classic comics arc — with deeply disappointing results.”

Claremont’s most recent Marvel project was a ‘New Mutants’ one-shot he co-wrote with Bill Sienkiewicz last month.

“The irony is that Bill’s and my first reaction when we got the invitation…was to immediately ask for more pages,” Claremont said when speaking with “From my perspective as a writer, and from Bill’s perspective as an artist, we could have slammed this out of the park two or three different ways, but for me, if you have a visual talent like Bill and a serious concept such as the ‘New Mutants’, I would say you hit for the fences.”

“When you’re working with a visual creator as gifted and as outrageous as Bill is, it’s hard to pick a specific moment and say ‘That’s it,'” Claremont added. “Because I can guarantee that the next panel, the next page will come up with a moment that’s even more enticing but in a totally different direction.”

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Source: Comic Book