Shudder Unveils A Preview Clip From Creepshow Episode 3

‘Creepshow’ is back as an anthology series on Shudder, and the first two episodes have been released.  So far, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive, so here’s hoping that the new series, produced by ‘The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero, continues to deliver.  If this new clip is any indication, there are plenty of ghoulish places ‘Creepshow’ has yet to visit.

This new clip comes from the Episode 3 segment “The Man in the Suitcase” and (spoiler alert) features a man in a suitcase.  Dave Bruckner (Netflix’s ‘The Ritual’) directed, with a story by horror novelist Christopher Buehlman (‘Those Across the River’).  Bruckner is known to be helming four shorts in Season 1 of ‘Creepshow’.


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This is the episode’s synopsis:

“19-year-old Justin brings home the wrong suitcase from the airport, and inside the suitcase is a Man with a terrible problem.”

Presumably, the problem is, he’s in a suitcase.

Oh just watch for yourself:


Will Kindrachuk portrays Justin, the suitcase opener.  Actually there is a little bit more to the story which may explain how this man wound up in the suitcase.  The man is “afflicted by a strange condition that turns his pain into gold.”

“The Man in the Suitcase” will be paired with “All Hallows Eve”, written by comic book scribe Bruce Jones, directed by John Harrison (the Syfy ‘Dune‘ miniseries).  This is that segment’s synopsis:

“Even though they’re a little too old, this group of friends still want to trick-or-treat but getting candy isn’t all they are looking for.”

Harrison is directing a total of three segments.  One has already been released, “The House of the Head” which was half of Episode 1.  That script was written by Josh Malerman, based on his own short story of the same name.

New episodes of ‘Creepshow’ arrive every Thursday on Shudder.  Are you watching?  What do you think so far?


Source: Collider