Dragula's Schedule Mutilation is Addressed

Dragula Season 3 has shown a rise in production values, but thankfully its DIY spirit remains. And while this season’s reception has been positive, the show’s handling by Amazon Prime? Not so much.

Episodes have released as expected on iTunes, but there’s been a series of delays and missing episodes on Amazon’s popular streaming service. Episode 6, after a delay, finally dropped on Wednesday night.


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The Boulet Brothers addressed the issues yesterday, stating, “[P]lease note that we are the production company that produces the show, not a network that airs it. We have little control over it’s airing schedule.” This refutes Amazon’s blame game, which according to Redditors on r/Dragula who sent inquiries, were told Prime is not responsible for content uploads. Who’s in the wrong here? It’s hard to say.

Regardless of its confusing schedule, Dragula looks to be another classic season of the horror-focused show. Let’s hope Amazon puts a band-aid on this, rather than letting more blood spill. See the Boulet’s full response below.

Source: Boulet Brothers Twitter