Bob Iger Shared How Tom Holland And The Fans Brought Spidey Back Into The MCU

I’m sure that we don’t need to rehash all of the drama about Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios temporarily breaking up over the rights to Spider-Man before getting back together. However, what is interesting is that Tom Holland was part of the reason that these two mega-corporations were able to set aside their differences and come together for the fans. I’m sure that the millions that they’ll make off of playing nice with one another had nothing to do with it.


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Disney’s CEO Bob Iger was recently touting his memoir on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ where he revealed:

“After D23, Tom reach out to folks who worked for me and said, ‘could I please have Bob’s email address or phone number.’ Of course, I’m very protected, so they were very careful, and I said, ‘sure, have him contact me.’ And he did, we spoke, and he basically made a… he cried on the phone. [laughs]”

Now, Iger was quick to confirm that he was joking about Holland crying during his powerful plea to keep Parker around. It does sound like the call is what fully spurred the CEO into making sure that Disney could find a way to play ball with Sony Pictures as:

“I felt for him, and it was clear that the fans wanted all this to happen. So, after I got off the phone with him, I made a couple of phone calls to our team at Disney Studios, and then I decided to call the head of Sony. And I said, ‘we got to figure out a way to get this done, for Tom and for the fans. And we did.”

This is excellent news for the fans as there is too much of Tom Holland being connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to just have his time in it end so abruptly. Now, we’ll have another ‘Spider-Man’ movie as well as his appearance in an unannounced film before either the studios re-up their contract once more or Holland’s time comes to an official end int he MCU.


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However, with the “Into The Spider-Verse” premise as well as the rumored introduction of Madame Web on Sony’s side as well as Doctor Strange experiencing some “Madness in the Multiverse” it sounds as if the two companies could craft a way for Holland to remain as The Wallcrawler in a Sony-owned universe.

Say the one where ‘Venom’ lives.

You can watch Bob Iger sharing the story in the video below:


Are you glad that Tom Holland was able to help keep his version of Peter Parker in the MCU for at least a couple more films? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!


Source: Heroic Hollywood