Kiersey Clemons in Sweetheart

The idea of being stranded on an island and having to survive is an easy enough premise to use for a horror film, but ‘Sweetheart’ is taking it up a notch by also turning it into a creature feature. The movie will star Kiersey Clemons (‘Flatliners’,’Extant’) as a lone survivor and she won’t have a volleyball named Wilson keeping her company so expect horror and not a drama piece with this release. The film was directed by J.D. Dillard (‘Sleight’) and is a Blumhouse feature, so you can likely give this one the benefit of the doubt from that alone.

Their track record has proven the studio can usually bring us horror hits over misses.

The ‘Sweetheart’ synopsis describes the film as follows:

“Jenn finds herself completely alone on a small tropical island after her boat goes down. By day, every ounce of her strength, cunning, and courage is strained simply to find food, outlast the elements, and survive. But as the sun sets, Jenn’s waking nightmare inexorably grows into terror, when a malevolent force comes to stalk the jungle for prey. From Blumhouse, producers of Get Out and The Purge franchise comes a thrilling twist on the castaway genre.”

You can check out the ‘Sweetheart’ trailer right here:


I love that this teaser has the action really camp up once Clemons finds a human skull. This one has the potential to be an intense thriller, and the trailer looks like we’ll be getting a fun new take on the classic horror trope about being stranded alone in nature. If anything, I’m hoping we get an extended trailer before ‘Sweetheart’ is released.

What are your thoughts on the trailer for ‘Sweetheart’? Will you be adding this film into your Halloween horror rotation this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Sweetheart’ is getting a digital release on October 22nd, 2019!


Source: Slash Film