There is a wonderful trend in Sci-Fi television happening even as I write these words – Some of our favorite actors from past shows are making appearances in our new favorites. Charisma Carpenter from Buffy and Angel is appearing with screen chum James Marsters on Supernatural. Jeri Ryan of Star Trek appeared in Warehouse 13, and Kate Mulgrew is soon to follow.

In this episode, we focus on Myka and her former FBI partner and lover, Sam, killed in the line of duty. Another Angel alum shows up as one of Myka’s former co-workers, Zack – played by August Richards who we remember as Gunn.

Pete and Myka are hot on the trail of another artifact, and as Pete is about to retrieve it, Myka sees someone from her past. The man who killed her lover is in the very train station where they are on a case. She attempts to give chase, when Pete’s protective glove tears and the artifact “attacks” him. Myka is forced to discontinue her pursuit to help, and loses her intended prey. Obviously, Myka has guilt over her partner’s death, having been watching his back. Somehow, the killer was still able to murder Sam regardless of Myka’s skill.

They are able to track him down, but he eludes them once more after Pete gives chase. Myka is obviously upset and snaps at Pete as she becomes emotional. This makes Pete take her place as the analytical one, and he begins piecing together the puzzle pieces to allow her to pull herself together.

Pete discovers that during the chase, Leo’s escape proves to have been impossible. It appears that 47 seconds is the “magic” number of time it took for Leo to make his escape, and for Sam, Myka’s partner to have been killed – clearing Myka’s conscience in order to move on the grieving process. The artifact in question is from the USS Eldridge, the ship involved in the infamous Philadelphia Experiment.

“Team Claudinks” Claudia and Jinks, are tracking down another artifact in Wisconsin.  They are looking for the doorknob from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, where a tragic fire claimed the lives of 146 garment workers. This artifact is powered by the pain and suffering of the workers, which makes for a very dangerous artifact. Steve discovers this first hand as the next doorknob he picks up burns right through the protective gloves.

As they are about to jump in the trusty steed, also known as Steve’s very “green” Prius – Steve is hit with what appears to be a drugged dart of some sort. As Steve hits the deck and Claudia jumps to his aid, she herself is struck by the very same type of projectile. She catches a blurry glimpse of a vehicle just before she loses consciousness.

When they awaken and contact Artie, he comes through as usual and discovers a way to find the culprits. All they have to do is bring the dog that has been hanging around them. The dog, according to Artie, may very well have seen the license plate number of the car after it came close enough to collect the artifact. We can only imagine.

Seeing Artie sitting across from a stray dog, both wearing a fez from an old vaudeville act is simply “a hoot’. Following a lengthy chase after the dog takes off after the scarab from previous episodes, they reunite the fezzes with their respective owners and Artie “barks out” the plate numbers – which Claudia quickly looks up on the computer. As we all suspected, the vehicle was a rental, hired by, you guessed it, Agent Stukowski.

It was incredibly funny seeing Claudia drooling all over herself after using Pavlov’s bell to call back the dog. “Past Imperfect” is just as fun, and inspiring as any other ‘Warehouse 13’ episode, despite the disheartening situation with Myka’s past. This is yet another great episode that will go nicely in anyone’s collection.

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