Going into a final season is never easy, especially when a show like ‘Supernatural’ has been on the air for 14 years, and has a lot of stories and loose ends fans want to see tied up. Plus, throw in a storyline pitting the  Winchesters against God (Chuck) himself, and the final season looks like it is going to have a lot going on, and some of the rules of the show might just be going out the window.

According to co-showrunner Andrew Dabb while talking the final season:

“They’re realizing, ‘Well, we’re the Winchesters, but were we really doing this Chuck’s way?’ Part of reclaiming that agency is a big part of the season for them… [They’re] going to start to lose people who, in past seasons, we would’ve never lost — and lose them in a very real way. Our guys are going to realize there’s a certain finality, and some of the things they’ve relied on to get through the day — people, talents, things like that — they are no longer going to be able to roll out. And that’s going to throw them for a loop.”

Then you throw in the return of Adam Winchester, the step-brother to Dean and Sam who was lost back in the original Apocalypse when he was possessed by the original Michael (such an odd sentence so far, but I suppose that’s part of the magic of ‘Supernatural’) and was then lost to the Cage with Sam, Michael and Lucifer, ending up being left behind the next season when Cass rescued Sam. Since then there have been brief mentions by Sam and Dean of their brother lost in Hell, but no real action to get him out.


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And now, with Chuck opening the gates of Hell and undoing everything the Winchesters have done lo these past 14 seasons, it seems Adam will finally be free, which could also mean that the original Michael will be free, though the mental state of either of them is anyone’s guess, especially since time flows so differently in Hell, and a good chunk of their time in the Cage was with Lucifer, who enjoyed toying with his co-prisoners. Still, Michael and Adam could work together to extract revenge on Sam and Dean for trapping them in the cage which would make for some excellent drama for the upcoming season, in addition to everything else the guys are going to be dealing with.

On another family member front, Dabb also revealed that when the final season opens, Jack will still be in ‘The Empty”, and that “he’s not coming back in the near future.” He also hinted that Cass’s deal involving The Empty will be addressed as well this season, stating:

“…when The Empty becomes more active, a lot of things are going to come to a head.”

Are you excited to see Adam Winchester returning to ‘Supernatural?’ Do you think he will be a real enemy for his brothers to face, feeling betreayed that they left him in Hell for so long? What kind of role will Jack play this season if he is still stuck in The Empty for the foreseeable future? Feel free to share any thoughts, opinions, or theories you may have in the comments below!


Source: TV Line