Andy Muschietti Discusses "IT: Chapter 2"
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We already know that ‘It: Chapter Two’ will be a butt-numbing two hours and 49 minutes long, but that was shaved down from an “unreleasable” four-hour cut, which is what director Andy Muschietti started off with.  ‘Chapter One’ clocked in at two hours and 15 minutes, but Muschietti admits that it also started out much longer.  He recently expressed a desire to release director cuts of both movies and possibly even an epic amalgam of the two, which may closer resemble the original Stephen King novel, in which the story is cut back and forth between the flashbacks to the Derry Losers Club as kids and adults.

Muschietti stated:

“It hopefully will be released as a director’s cut, which is something that I’m looking forward to, including the director’s cut of the first one.  To this point, I’m not sure what those versions are, but I’d really, really like to make a director’s cut of both movies.”

As for what fans will be missing during the theatrical cut of the sequel, Muschietti says “Nothing too important was lost.”


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What is it about King’s colossal novel that spoke to strongly that Muschietti can’t quite seem to stop tinkering with his interpretation?  The filmmaker was just 14 years old when he first read the book, and he stated:

“You really don’t know what adulthood is about, but I really connected to the characters and the story and the emotional aspects of the kids’ story.  When you read it 30 years later, you understand other things about the story and why Stephen King antagonizes the world of childhood with the world of adulthood because it’s essentially a love letter to childhood and all the beautiful things that childhood has: imagination, belief, and all these things that are lost when you grow up.”

Well… I mean, almost getting killed by a crazed shape-shifting killer clown will do that to you.

Get ready to lose your “imagination” and “belief” when ‘It: Chapter Two’ opens next weekend, on September 6.


Source: Entertainment Weekly