Chris Pine Would Still "Love To Be Involved" With "Star Trek 4'

Recently we heard that contract negotiations for ‘Star Trek 4‘ had broken down between the studio and both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine over pay and now it appears that at least Pine would like to reprise his role as Captain Kirk. This isn’t news that negotiations have started back up, but it does sound like it could be a step in the right direction.

As co-actor Karl Urban who plays McCoy in the Kelvin Timeline of ‘Star Trek’ has previously stated that, “Hopefully, we get back for another movie or two of them. We are just sort of waiting on negotiations. I’m confident we will.” This could mean that there is still interest and just numbers need to be agreed on at this point.

When asked about ‘Star Trek 4’ by Variety, Pine stated, “I don’t know, man. I’d love to be involved, and we’ll see what happens. I’ll await the phone call. Until then, I look forward to it.”

As Pine is waiting for a call, the ball could currently be in Paramount’s court. It isn’t clear if Pine’s team is waiting to hear a counteroffer or a response to one. Either way, Trekkies who have been enjoying the soft reboot of the ‘Star Trek’ timeline are eagerly waiting for something to be worked out.

Do you want Chris Pine to return as Captain Kirk in a fourth ‘Star Trek’ movie? What do you think could happen to the rebooted ‘Star Trek’ movies if a deal can’t be reached with Pine? Share your thoughts below!