Fans of FX’s ‘Legion’ have just seen their three-season epic come to a close but just because our first ride is over doesn’t mean we won’t see Dan Stevens return as the leading character again. Marvel TV’s head Jeph Loeb has already shared that “that world and those characters will always be there. It’s our hope that Noah will want to return to them is any capacity he thinks is worth telling.”

It sounds as if there is more story to tell that Loeb would be pushing to have come to the small screen.

To expand on this line of thinking, in February Loeb referred to this version of ‘Legion’ as a live-action graphic novel with three acts. Series creator Noah Hawley was asked if there could be another story to tell in a limited format with the cast:

“I think I did the sort of difficult egg carry to get the story and these characters through all the challenges that they had. And left them all in a sort of resolved and safe place in a way that feels satisfying to me.”

He went on to share:

“I don’t, at this moment, have as much thought in my head about returning to Legion or rebooting it or any of those things. You know, obviously the Marvel universe is huge and expansive, and this character is out there now. You could do a lot worse than to incorporate Dan Stevens into the X-Men, in my opinion. But it’s not a conversation I’ve had.”

As of this time the director is busy with the debut of his first feature film ‘Lucy in the Sky’ and the fourth season of ‘Fargo.’

Still, this does leave the door open for ‘Legion’ to return in another property or for Hawley himself to spearhead a comeback. It just isn’t something that we’ll likely be seeing happen anytime soon.

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Source: Deadline