What We Left Behind

The ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘ documentary ‘What We Left Behind‘ had a ton of great content for fans but one of the best features was the remastered HD scenes from the series. The reason why the entire series hasn’t been redone in HD was that this conversion from the original footage is both expensive and time-consuming.

However, there were specific shots that hadn’t ended up being remastered. When asked about one of the scenes in particular, which was left in standard definition, it turns out that the documentary’s finances and time weren’t the only reasons that some things were left unchanged. In one particular instance, it was an artistic choice that still ended up delivering new content for fans.

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According to producer Kai de Mello-Folsom at STLV19:

“We had to be particular with the scenes we were requesting in HD, it is an expensive and time-intensive process. We made the decision that there were a couple of key sequences that we had from dailies, which were essentially a VHS tape that Ira saved for many years, which is the raw camera roll from the day they film, it is not edited. There is a great scene with Jimmy and Avery singing together. Instead showing it as it was in the show, which is cutting back and forth between people’s reactions and them, it was so interesting for us to just to see them perform it and stay at one angle. So, that scene, in particular, is from a daily, it is not from the show. We made the decision to show it as Ira saw it for the first time, which is unedited and in that VHS format.”

I love that in this specific case, we’re getting a scene that wasn’t remastered but would still be new to fans of the series because it is being shown unedited.


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If you’ve seen “What We Left Behind” did you enjoy the HD remastering of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’? Would you love to see the entire series updated in this fashion? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Trek Movie