Will Batman Ever Appear In Batwoman? "Anything Is Possible"

We know that The CW’s upcoming ‘Batwoman’ series will take place in a Gotham City that has seen The Caped Crusader disappear. It is unknown if Bruce Wayne is dead or just missing, which leaves it a mystery if he could return. However, “anything is possible” for The Dark Knight to show up according to executive producers Caroline Dries and Sarah Schechter.

Dries commented on the ability to include Batman in anything outside of feature films:

“I’d say anything is possible. As everyone in this room knows how strict DC is with letting us use the Batman property. They’re just very careful with it, because it’s such a [big property]. I think with Supergirl, as we were establishing her, we didn’t actually want Superman right away. We wanted you guys to get to know her. I think part of Kate’s journey is not to just fill these abandoned shoes, but to find her home. So, I think it’s really important she has that time for all of us to spend with her and figure out what it means.”

Keeping in mind that ‘Titans‘ has been able to include Batman, it seems that Warner Bros. is becoming more open to the idea of having more versions of the character out there. I’m sure it helps that we’re already getting multiple takes on The Joker in the movies with Batman having been recast for his next cinematic outing.


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It is clear that including Wayne isn’t a priority for the ‘Batwoman’ series, but his absence is also playing a big part in the tone of the show:

“He continues to be such a huge part of the conversation in every episode because Kate is constantly trying to get out of his shadow. At the same time, she’s consulting him via these voice-overs, these journals, and letters to Bruce. Because she sees him as a mentor. She wishes she could have his advice. I thought it would be cool if one day she opens her journal and there’s a letter to her from him. And we’re wondering how that got there.”

This would be an interesting twist to have Batman actually still around but has completely cut himself off from everyone. I suspect this would only happen if we were being led into a story arc that would introduce Batman to this show and explore the reason why he abandoned the world as both Bruce and The Bat.

Producer Sarah Schechter also chimed in on Batman being MIA:

“To me, what’s so interesting about this shadow of Batman that’s kind of been cast over Gotham, and what do you do in this sort of post-hero world? So, I think it’s so much fun without him.”

Do you feel that ‘Batwoman’ will touch on the mystery of what happened to Batman on the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Cinema Blend