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THE ORVILLE: L-R: Seth MacFarlane and Adrianne Palicki in the Lasting Impressions episode of THE ORVILLE ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Kevin Estrada/FOX

It turns out that ‘Star Wars’ and probably ‘Star Trek’ exist in the same reality as ‘The Orville’, but don’t expect a crossover anytime soon.  When asked if ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’ existed in the world of ‘The Orville’, series creator Seth MacFarlane recalled that there had actually been a reference to ‘Star Wars’ in a Season 1 episode.  So yeah, ‘Star Wars’ exists… as a work of fiction, just as it does in the real world.

“We have dropped hints. In fact, Penny has a line in Season 1 where she refers to Obi-Wan. You know, I think the history of Earth is the history of Earth. I think Star Wars exists in The Orville universe. Yeah, why the fuck not? That’s as far as we’ve gotten.”

So, ‘The Orville’ takes place on Earth, in the 25th century, so entertainment from the 20th and 21st century may have survived.  After all, they apparently still listen to the Beastie Boys in the 23rd century, when the 2009 ‘Star Trek’ took place, and we still study literature, art, and music from centuries ago, right?


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Judging by MacFarlane’s response, that would mean that ‘Star Trek’ also exists, which is the odd part, seeing as how the show is so heavily inspired by ‘Trek’.  How would they reconcile the fact that it seems this entire reality was built around this work of fiction?

Well, that probably won’t come up.

Due to the increased demands of producing ‘The Orville’, the third season will not return until late 2020, and it will move over to Hulu, after airing on FOX for two seasons.

How do you feel knowing that ‘Star Wars’ and maybe even ‘Star Trek’ exist in the reality of ‘The Orville’?