Wizard World Philadelphia 2018 Cosplay Gallery Part One

Try as you may, there just simply isn’t anything that will truly ever compare to the excitement of a comic convention! This year, like every year for the better part of the last two decades, the team at Wizard overtook The Pennsylvania Convention Center in center city Philadelphia for their annual celebration of everything geeky, Wizard World Philadelphia! And of course, this year, just like the many years before it, the convention was overrun with a variety of cosplayers dressed as some of their favorite characters from all of your favorite realms of popular culture!

We were lucky enough to be on site at the convention to check out some of best cosplay Wizard World Philadelphia 2018 had to offer! There were costumes from movies, video games, and of course some of our favorite comics! Check out the full first part of our complete Wizard World Philadelphia 2018 Cosplay Gallery below!


Batman & Spiderman

Bombshells Wonder Woman


Doctor Strange

Flashpoint Joker & Violet




Iron Man & War Machine

Jesse Quick





Martian Manhunter

Mr. Freeze

Power Girl

Thor Ragnorok

Rey & Leia




Starfire & Beast Boy

Uhura, Gamora, & Supergirl

Wolverine & Cyclops

Wonder Woman

That about does it for the first part of our full Wizard World Philadelphia Cosplay Gallery! Be sure to stay tuned for Part Two and Part Three later on this week to see all of the best cosplay from the convention! If those aren’t enough, be sure to check out some of our other fantastic cosplay galleries from various conventions here on ScienceFiction.com!