The Flash

If you go back and watch ‘Arrow’ Season 1, it seems that the producers did everything in their power to make this show seem like anything but a show based on a comic book.  Star City became Starling City.  Ollie was “The Hood” and used real, lethal arrows.  No one had powers.  Almost no one wore a costume, and Ollie himself didn’t even wear a mask, but a smudge of black makeup over his eyes.  Even when he finally donned a costume, it was head-to-toe leather, which looked like it would be extremely hard to walk in, much less leap from one rooftop to another, but that was the aesthetic at that time.

When The Flash appeared, he borrowed from that in a leathery suit that looked more like a motorcycle outfit than something you’d put on to sprint in.  It was also in a dark maroon color, with a little gold piping.  And many fans griped that his chest logo was miscolored, gold on a red background, instead of white.

The CW/Warner Bros.

Barry’s suit gradually evolved over the years, getting brighter.  The lightning motif has become more prominent.  And the fabric has become more flexible.

At San Diego Comic-Con, Grant Gustin enthusiastically discussed the new costume that will be adopted for Season 6.

“What we did last year I thought was awesome. We had some struggles with the cowl because it was our first time trying to do this type of suit. We built off of what we did last year. For the first time since we started the show we actually re-did the cowl entirely. So, it’s definitely the closest it’s ever been to looking like the suit from the comics. It’s pretty dang cool, man.”

When asked which suit was his favorite, he replied:

“For sure the one I’m in now. Last year, it was my favorite suit, but the cowl was kind of a struggle. It didn’t look exactly where I wanted it to look. There were some learning curves there and some comfort issues. What we did [this year] is pretty much last year’s suit with some tweaks.


“I loved my first suit too that Colleen Atwood designed. I thought it was cool and urban and vintage looking. It was a cool suit to start with, but what we have now is really close to what’s on the comic book page. I love it.”

Unfortunately, the new cowl wasn’t revealed in the photos in the latest Entertainment Weekly, but even so, you can tell that this is easily the snuggest and most flexible supersuit that Gustin has worn so far.


Still no yellow/gold boots, but it works.  It looks as though these pictures were meant to emphasize how mobile Gustin is when wearing this suit.  (Or he just really wanted to show off his butt.)

What do you think?  Is this suit an upgrade?  Or is it too fantastical?

‘The Flash’ returns on The CW on Tuesday, October 8, 2019.

Source: Cinema Blend