There is going to be a day that I do not give 5 atoms of 5, but today is not that day.

For as unreal as this series is (you know, what with the main villain having the head of a Cockatoo, and the fact that Kamala is able to change shape, size, and overall appearance), there is a truly human element to it that is hard not to appreciate. In this world, where Kamala encounters a strange mist that gives her super powers, and the Avengers are a very real thing, she still has to contend with getting grounded and helping her friends despite the fact she’ll get in trouble with her parents.

It’s touching, more than a little bit funny, and still engaging enough that you truly worry about Kamala’s well-being (she got shot two issues back, for goodness sake!).

This issue is a treat because we get to see the real strength of Kamala’s character. Did she want to be a super hero for the sake of being a super hero before? Yes. But now, she’s showing that it’s more than that. The fact that she is willing to risk so many aspects of her life for her friends shows that there is a much deeper reason for Kamala to want to tell everyone she’s Ms. Marvel.

There is very little else to say other than this series is good. Read it.

Written by G. Willow Wilson
Art by Adrian Alphona