rogue trooper

The next move on Duncan Jones’ (‘Mute’,’Warcraft’) slate is ‘Rogue Trooper’ and now the director is opening up as to where the comic book adaptation currently stands. It sounds like not only are they making progress but that he and the studio are happy with where things are heading! In fact, progress is coming along far enough that we should be hearing casting announcements and hopefully get some concept art as well.

Right now Jones shares:

“We’re in the exciting bit right now of concept-arting-out some of the elements of the script. The script is really looking pretty good now. It’s getting to the point where we’re going to have to start casting and making the thing. It really does look very good.”

The comic follows a genetically-engineered soldier who is on a mission in a future war to take down the Traitor General who is his sworn enemy in an ongoing war. He was working with three comrades in arms named Gunnar, Bagman, and Helm. The three are killed in action but are digitally downloaded into his backpack. There will be plenty of source material to work from as there was both a comic released in 1996 as well as a reboot in 1999 that was turned into an ongoing series.


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Jones went on to say:

“I think we’ve come up with a really smart way to approach it. Hopefully, [we’ve] learnt the lessons from previous 2000AD films, where they were either not loyal to what the original comic was, or, in Dredd’s case, just done at slightly too big a budget to actually be successful, even though the film was critically well-received. I think we’ve really kind of nailed this one. So, it looks good. It looks good that we’ll get to make it and I think people are going to really like it.” 

This will be a dark and gritty film that is unlike most comic book movies these days with a focus more on war than superheroes.

Are you looking forward to seeing how Duncan Jones handles ‘Rogue Trooper’? If you’ve read the comic, is there any key story arcs you hope that they try to adapt? Are there any casting choices which you’d like to see made for the main character? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Entertainment Weekly