star trek picard logo shot

Those at SDCC didn’t have to go to the final frontier to get their ‘Star Trek’ fix as CBS gave them the “All Access” that didn’t disappoint! Mainly a full-length trailer for the much anticipated ‘Star Trek: Picard’ series!
This was a double win for the crowd as not only did they get to finally see what this new installment to the ‘Star Trek’ franchise would look like, but it also revealed a few cast members that fans were hoping would be included!


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First, let’s get to that trailer, shall we?


Sir Patrick Stewart is said to have contributed quite a lot for the series and it shows as his portrayal of a Jean-Luc Picard 20 years after a certain incident which will drive the story arc in this series doesn’t waver too far from what we have grown to know and love of the character during his ‘TNG’ days. According to Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman, Stewart pushed them to think outside the box for this series and to think about “what was important about the box that everybody loves so much, so we asked a lot of questions about what Trek meant to each of us.”


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The trailer also had a lot of jaw-dropping moments with the reveal of Brent Spiner’s return as Data and Voyager’s Jeri Ryan back as a rehabbed Seven of Nine! Also announced to appear in Season 1 are Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis.

I must admit, from the divisiveness among fans that came with ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ I was a bit hesitant about how ‘Star Trek: Picard’ would be handled, but this trailer has me sold. It’s different. It’s bold. And it looks like I’ll have to break down and get a CBS All Access subscription.

‘Star Trek: Picard’ will premiere sometime in early 2020.