Stranger Things

Hopefully, you stuck around through the end credits of Episode 8 of ‘Stranger Things 3’.  If not, go back and hit “Resume,” because you missed something pretty major– a post-credits scene.  Not to spoil it, but it does hint that there is more to a certain MAJOR development than was originally shown.  It also helps to set up the fact that there is absolutely going to be a fourth season.  The way Season 3 ended (prior to the post-credits scene) left it up in the air, as to whether or not there would be more.

As executive producer/director Shawn Levy explained:

“The whole idea of doing a post-credit tag on a Netflix show where people are conditioned to click next episode is a bold gambit, but it was always how the brothers felt it needed to be and it is in many ways a prologue or a tease for what might come next.”

But if you were like me, and stuck around simply because you hoped that Netflix would immediately kick over to a new installment of ‘Beyond Stranger Things’, you were out of luck and were greeted by nothing but a trailer for ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 3.  At first, I thought, maybe they just didn’t release the new season of ‘Beyond Stranger Things’ because they didn’t want it to spoil the new season of the regular show, or perhaps it wasn’t quite ready to be released yet.


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But alas, no.  There will be no ‘Beyond Stranger Things’ to compliment Season 3.  The post-series chat show followed the formula of AMC’s ‘Talking Dead’ and similar discussion panels which allowed viewers to process the events of the story along with the actors and the show’s creators the Duffer Brothers and executive producer Levy.  A lot of insight was given to show how the complex sci-fi series was put together from a technical standpoint, as well as juicy nuggets that a viewer might not have picked up on.

Unlike ‘Talking Dead’, etc., which air on network TV where episodes are doled out on a weekly basis, Netflix designed ‘Beyond Stranger Things’ to compliment the entire binge-worthy series, and all seven episodes were designed to be watched after a person had seen all of ‘Stranger Things 2’.  In fact, once a viewer had finished Season 2, they were immediately redirected to ‘Beyond Stranger Things’.

Netflix hasn’t made a statement as to why there is no ‘Beyond Stranger Things’ for Season 3.  It’s possible the first simply wasn’t popular and that fans of the main show turned it off.  Or it may have been a logistical or timing thing– maybe ‘Stranger Things 3’ just took longer to complete, meaning there wasn’t time to put together the follow-up.  Or maybe the busy cast couldn’t be wrangled to participate, as they are all moving on to other projects.  But considering there wasn’t a post-show discussion for this season, it’s likely that there won’t be one for upcoming seasons.

At least there was something to see with the shocking post-credits scene.  Did you enjoy that stinger?  Are you bummed there won’t be any more ‘Beyond Stranger Things’?


Source: Entertainment Weekly