Jeremy Renner

Hawkeye killed a bunch of crime bosses, lost his best friend, but helped save half the universe in ‘Avengers: Endgame’.  How do you follow that up?  A TV miniseries in which you pass the bow and quiver to a successor, of course.  But first… release a pop single.

The internet has gone bonkers after the release of Jeremy Renner’s new dance single “Heaven Don’t Have a Name.”  (Technically, it’s by Sam Feldt featuring Jeremy Renner.  I assume Sam Feldt is a DJ/producer.)


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Here are some reactions:

Intrigued?  Check out “Heaven Don’t Have a Name” below, but MISSED OPPORTUNITY ALERT, Renner isn’t even in it!  But here it is:

Okay, sooooooo… yes it is super generic, and the music video looks to have been directed by literally anybody.  And “Heaven Don’t Have a Name” means absolutely nothing.  It’s just words strung together, like when you buy clothes from China.  You would never even know it was Renner singing, because why would you?

BUT, why lose your mind over Jeremy Renner releasing a pop single?  He is hardly the first Avenger to do so, or have you forgotten last December-February, when Rocket Raccoon’s duet with Lady Gaga was playing everywhere you went?

Pepper Potts starred in the movie ‘Duets’ and her cover of “Cruisin” with Huey Lewis was an “adult rock” radio staple.  She also popped up in multiple episodes of ‘Glee’, and turned in memorable performances, including this disco-riffic cover of Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time”:

Black Widow released a whole album with Pete Yorn:

As I previously reported, Captain Marvel was a total Ashlee Simpson wannabe ten years ago:

And Ant-Man and Jimmy Fallon did an entire series of covers of classic ’80s songs, including this remake of (the BEST SONG OF THE ’80s) Dead or Alive’s ‘”You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)”:

And then there’s the fact that a newer MCU addition, Michelle “M.J.” Jones (a.k.a. Zendaya) is a full-on pop star.

And although Renner doesn’t appear in the video for his own song, he was the “video boy” in P!nk’s video “Trouble”:

But those are old and “Heaven Don’t Have A Name” is new, so make this your summer anthem.

Did I forget any Marvel stars’ illustrious attempts at pop stardom?