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While Season 3 of ‘Jessica Jones’ proved to be the final season of the series, thanks to Netflix and Marvel no longer able to play ball, the ending we got wasn’t always exactly what they had in mind. Creator Melissa Rosenberg has shared how things would have been different if the Marvel show hadn’t been canceled by the streaming giant.

While much of it would have remained the same including how things played out between Trish and Jessica (which had been the intention from the beginning of the series) the final moments would have played in a way that could have given a different message.

According to Rosenberg:

“Honestly, I’m having a hard time remembering, because we really embraced this [ending]. It may have been that Jessica actually just was going to leave. I think that was it when we first were breaking the story before we even started cameras rolling. Then as we began to sense that this was going to be the end, we said, “Oh, my God, she can’t leave, because then our message to the world is, ‘When the going gets tough, a woman should just give up.'” So it’s like, “Okay, that is not the message we want out there.” If we knew there was a fourth season, then we could have brought her back. But just in case it was the end, we did not want to end on that note. It would be contrary to who she was.”

So we would have seen Jessica actually leave in a way that she could have returned in a fourth outing. As to where Jessica would go in another installment:

“I think she might try something else out, because her worst nightmare is being something that Kilgrave would want her to be, and this is what he always wanted Jessie to be, walk away from the hero stuff. When she realizes that, the fighter in her kicks in, and she steps away. I think she has no idea what she’s going to do, but she’s going to fight. And whatever form that takes, she is going to fight. She is never going to become the person who Kilgrave wanted her to become.”

So thanks to the most significant enemy Jessica had ever gone up against, she would continue being a hero in whatever path her life took from here on out. Rosenberg did go on to say that while she feels that the story of this version of Jessica Jones is now complete, but if Krysten Ritter did come back, she would jump at the chance to work with her “anywhere anytime.”


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While Netflix and Marvel’s contract dispute likely means that none of ‘The Defenders’ will be appearing again, it is great to hear that the actors and creative team would love to return in the right circumstances.

Would you have been okay with ‘Jessica Jones’ ending in a moment where Jones went off on her own? Do you think that would have been a proper way to end a season if a fourth were in the works? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!


Source: Entertainment Weekly