Jonathan Hickman's House Of X

The X-Men are going to have to “fight for the future of mutantkind” in the upcoming ‘House of X’ and ‘Powers of X’ series. To get ready for the action, Marvel Comics has released a trailer for these two intertwining series which Marvel is billing as “an all-new redefining event for the X-Men.” While we’ve heard that quite often in recent years when it comes to Marvel’s mutants, this one is being put together by some of the biggest names at Marvel including “Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski, Senior Editor Jordan D. White, and writer Jonathan Hickman!”

Honestly, it is Hickman that I’m most excited for here as all of his runs in recent years have been some of my favorites that the publisher has released.

According to Hickman, “House of X and Powers of X are two stories that act as one story. They absolutely are separate, but by the end, they collide together and coming out of that is the new paradigm for the X-Men universe.”

As to what we can expect in the books, Marvel has shared that:

In this epic story starring almost every single mutant in the Marvel Universe, Jonathan Hickman takes the reins of the X-Men and will revolutionize everything you know about mutants. Shocking secrets will be revealed throughout Marvel history that will affect every member of mutantkind, especially the X-Men. Follow this incredible story and witness the most important scene in X-Men history!

You can check out the full trailer for both ‘House of X’ and ‘Powers of X’ right here!


White would go on to share that this isn’t something just for current fans and that “If you have been a fan of X-Men in any era, there is something in here for you.”

You’ll be able to check out ‘House of X’ #1 on July 24th, 2019 while the companion series ‘Powers of X’ #1 will arrive in your local comic shop on July 31st, 2019!

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘House of X’ and ‘Powers of X’? Do you think that this could be a course correction for the series which has grown stagnant and seems to be without focus in recent years? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!