Things are shaking up at the House of Ideas as C.B. Cebulski is being promoted to Marvel Comics’ Editor-in-Chief as of November 17th, 2017! This is happening as “former Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso has mutually parted ways with the company” with the details being shared by Marvel Entertainment’s President Dan Buckley. As we know when there is a change at Marvel it means that the Marvel Universe “will never be the same again” as they always like to claim.

As the Editor-in-Chief he “will oversee all day-to-day editorial and creative aspects of Marvel’s publishing division.” Cebulski will drive “the overall editorial creative vision, shaping the larger story direction of the Marvel Comics line-up, and bringing to Marvel the world’s best and brightest writers and artists. Additionally, Mr. Cebulski will be furthering Marvel’s efforts to expand the publishing division internationally.”

Anyone who has followed his career in the company knows that in some of these areas he has already been busy doing just this. As an editor, he helped bring us the ‘Runaways’ while on the recruiting end of things was responsible for bringing in fan-favorite creatives such as Skottie Young, Adi Granov, Sara Pichelli, Phil Noto, Steve McNiven and Jonathan Hickman! On top of that, he was recently heavily involved in the company’s global expansion as both VP, International Development Brand Management and most recently VP, Marvel Brand Management and Development, Asia where he has been helping bring Marvel into “both emerging and established markets.”

According to Buckley:

“C.B. is one of the most well-known, liked and respected editors and personalities in the comics industry. He has a keen understanding of the Marvel brand, and knows the importance of publishing within the larger Marvel ecosystem. As our characters continue to reach unprecedented levels of global popularity, we need to ensure our core comic business sets the standard with fresh and compelling graphic storytelling that excites both our longtime fan base and new fans. Marvel has set a high bar for super hero stories for over 75 years, and we believe C.B. is perfectly positioned to take Marvel Comics to new heights.”

With Marvel Comics tending to dominate the print market, and as usual is in the lead for both market and dollar share, there is a strong sense that he’ll need to keep up the trend as well as find new ways to expand. Thankfully, with his global push already in effect, it seems like he might be able to do just that. He will also be working closely with comics partners like Panini, NetEase, Daum, and Kodansha to expand the everyday Marvel Comics experience for fans across the world.

Cebulski added in that:

“Spending these last 18 months in Asia, and introducing more fans here to the depth of the Marvel Universe, I’ve seen firsthand how our comics and characters constantly bring joy into people’s lives all over the world. I hope to continue capturing that creative magic here at home, and deliver inspirational and entertaining stories that are true to the classic Marvel DNA, but built with an expanding global mindset.”

Fans around the globe not only agree but hope that this new position will help keep Marvel’s comics both on track with great storytelling and expand by correcting some of the complaints readers have brought up in recent years.

Are you thrilled that there is a new Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics? Do you feel that Cebulski will be able to not only keep the company profitable but handle some of the many fan criticisms from recent years? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Marvel