Guillermo Del Toro

We all know that Guillermo del Toro‘s ‘Justice League Dark‘ will never see the light of day but what is more frustrating is now we’ve learned that he had completed the script for the film. When the director left the project, fans were unsure how close to production the movie had come. Now, we know that at least a script for the story had been finalized. When ‘Justice League Dark’ was first announced, del Toro was the first director which DC had attached to the film and was set to not just direct but write the movie as well.

We first learned about this back in 2012 and was in one form of development or another until 2015 when del Toro left to pursue ‘Crimson Peak‘ and a sequel to ‘Pacific Rim.’ Just like with ‘Justice League Dark’ (and many others we know), the director would go on to leave ‘Pacific Rim 2’ as well.

The director confirmed that this, and many other projects had been completed in a recent set of tweets which you can see below:


There are a ton of interesting items listed here, and many of them sound to be firmly in the realm of genre work. A smart production studio would start contacting del Toro to try and buy the rights to any of the projects he listed.

As to what del Toro is currently up to?

How many of these will go into development is another question entirely.

Sadly, we do know that Doug Liman‘s version of the film didn’t include any of the ideas which del Toro had previously suggested.

Are you saddened to learn that ‘Justice League Dark’ was almost at a point where it could have been ready to shoot? Do you think that del Toro will ever do another superhero movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Heroic Hollywood