Fall 2014 saw an unprecedented number of comic book-based series either returning or hitting small screens for the first time.  With so many genre shows fighting for viewers, obviously there had to be casualties and sadly for loyal fans, ‘Constantine’ was the first comic show to get the ax.

But star Matt Ryan acknowledges that the fans were passionate and worked hard to build interest in the series and took to social media to thank diligent fans for their support:

The series struggled from the start.  Though the pilot aired as filmed, beginning with the second episode, the show was overhauled with a different cast of supporting characters.  The first few episodes weren’t enough to nab a large enough  fan base, but those more patient hung in for more and were rewarded as the show found its footing and came together as an engaging supernatural drama.

But it may have been too late, when NBC announced that it would not be ordering a full season after the winter hiatus, when ‘Constantine’ and most other shows took a break for the holidays.  Fans launched an online campaign to save the show, using the hashtag #saveConstantine.  NBC even offered the existing episodes for free streaming, but apparently those numbers weren’t big enough to earn the series a second season.

The final straw was when plans to possibly move the show over to Syfy, under the comic book’s original name ‘Hellblazer’ (or even another network altogether) fell through.  Showrunner Daniel Cerone confirmed that efforts to salvage the show had failed and that it was officially dead.

Were you a fan of ‘Constantine’?  Do you think it could have survived if it had transferred to another network?  Comment below!

Source: ComicBook.com