Jamie Lee Curtis Will Return In 'Halloween 2'

Last fall, Blumhouse’s reboot/sequel ‘Halloween’ was a surprise smash, earning $255 million worldwide on a production budget of just $10 million.  The picture was fronted by Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, the babysitter role she originated in the 1978 original.  Naturally, a sequel is happening and it sounds as though it will begin filming this fall, after Labor Day.  Universal already had October 16, 2020 reserved to open an undetermined Blumhouse film.  Now it seems obvious that ‘Halloween 2’ (or whatever it winds up being called) will take that spot.

Curtis is expected to return once again.  Joining Curtis will be Judy Greer as Karen and Andi Matichak as Allyson, Laurie’s daughter, and granddaughter.  It should be noted that their deals are not yet finalized.


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Also not finalized is the deal for David Gordon Green to return to direct, although he did write the script for the sequel.  He co-wrote the script for last year’s film with Jeff Fradley and Danny McBride.  Not only did ‘Halloween’ slay the box office, but critics praised Green’s approach.  Its Rotten Tomatoes rating is an impressive 79%.  Green and McBride will likely be back as executive producers, along with Curtis, Jason Blum, longtime franchise EP Malek Akkad, John Carpenter, and more.

2018’s ‘Halloween’ was a direct sequel to the 1978 original, which was directed by Carpenter, and ignored the other movies that had been made subsequently.  Nick Castle who played the original “Shape” a.k.a. Michael Myers, returned in the reboot, although some of the more physical sequences were taken over by James Jude Courtney.  It remains to be seen whether Castle will come back again, or if he will permanently turn the franchise over to Courtney.

‘Halloween’ had the second-best October opening of all time (trailing behind ‘Venom’ which also opened last year, just weeks beforehand), and the second-best horror opening (behind ‘It: Chapter One’).  Thanks to ‘Venom’ and ‘Halloween’, October 2018 was the highest-grossing on record.

Are you looking forward to a sequel to ‘Halloween 2’?


Source: Collider