Jason Momoa Would Defect To Marvel To Play This Character

Many actors have portrayed live-action versions of characters from both DC and Marvel comics on the big screen, most notably Ryan Reynolds who played DC’s Green Lantern as well as Marvel’s Deadpool, not to mention Hannibal King in ‘Blade: Trinity’.  But Jason Momoa might be interested in stepping into new territory by playing two main characters in both shared universes.

While ‘Green Lantern’ was supposed to kick off Warner Brothers’ shared universe of DC movies, it failed at the box office, so it is essentially a stand-alone movie.  And ‘Blade: Trinity’ was also set in its own universe, as it was produced by New Line Cinema.  The ‘Deadpool’ movies were part of Fox’s ‘X-Men’ franchise, which is not part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.  But the ‘X-Men’ will be integrated into Disney’s MCU, with the characters all relaunched and recast.  And if Momoa has his way, he would play one of those.


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When asked recently at San Antonio’s Celebrity Fan Fest if he’d like to play a Marvel character, he replied:

“I’d love to play Wolverine… (Hugh Jackman) was phenomenal. I grew up just loving Wolverine.”

It could be argued that Momoa’s Aquaman borrows a bit from Wolverine, as he comes across as a bit gruffer and physically aggressive than the Sea King has typically been depicted in the comics.  And it worked!  ‘Aquaman’ is the highest-grossing movie ever based on a DC Comics character.

Would he make a great Wolverine as well?  Maybe, but it doesn’t appear we’ll find out for quite some time.  Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has stated that it will be at least five years before we learn anything about how the X-Men will be integrated into the MCU, because the studio couldn’t even begin planning on how to use them until the buyout of Fox was complete, just a few months ago.  In the meantime, Marvel has gone ahead and planned out the next five or so years of their storytelling without them.

Heck, by that time, Warner Brothers may have already released a sequel or two for ‘Aquaman’, meaning that Momoa would be free to swim over to Marvel or do anything else he wants.

Would you like to see Jason Momoa as Wolverine in a Marvel Studios production?

‘Aquaman 2’ is scheduled for release on December 16, 2022.


Source: Cinema Blend