Jason Momoa Discusses 'Aquaman 2' And Promises "The Beard Will Be Back By Then"

Jason Momoa recently shaved his famous beard in an effort to raise awareness of his environmental charity, to encourage manufacturers to switch from non-biodegradable plastic bottles for water to “infinitely recyclable” aluminum cans.  And you would have thought he’d singlehandedly wiped out the male population from the reaction of fangirls across the internet.


But don’t worry, ‘Aquaman 2’ won’t begin production for about two years, according to Momoa, and “The beard will be back by then.”


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Momoa made the assurance while appearing on ‘The Ellen Show’, where he debuted his new canned water, which Degeneres promised her show would be adopting as its official water.  During the interview, he teased a bit of what fans can expect from the DC Comics sequel.

“I was really, really, really, passionate, to do the second one because it’s the first time where it’s all on Earth. It’s combining land and sea, kind of like what I’m doing with this [environmental cause]. There’s no outside aliens destroying Earth, it’s us. And so I was excited to get back in there, and so I’ve been working with our previous writer, and getting in there, and we’ve got a locked story, and we’re getting into it.”

In a separate interview with Syfy Wire, Momoa stressed that he would have a great deal of input into the storyline for ‘Aquaman 2’.

“I definitely have an opinion.  Even when we were shooting Aquaman, I have the opening of Aquaman 2 ready. I went in and pitched it to [producer Peter] Safran, and I pitched it to [Warner Bros. chairman] Toby Emmerich. They loved it. It’s awesome…But yeah, I have plans for Aquaman 2.”

Though Momoa didn’t get into specifics, it is believed that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II‘s Black Manta will be the primary villain, after appearing in a smaller role in the first film.  Director James Wan is expected to return.


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Warner Brothers has already scheduled ‘Aquaman 2’ to be released on December 16, 2022.  While ‘Aquaman’ took down some stiff competition to conquer this past December, the premiere date for the sequel will now be shared with Disney’s next ‘Star Wars’ movie!  Expect one of these two to flinch and switch its release date, and hate to say it, that’ll probably be ‘Aquaman 2’.  But we’ll see!

If you’d like to watch all of Momoa’s interview on ‘Ellen’, here it is: