Changing Course: Quentin Taratino Shares The Status Of His 'Star Trek' Film

With all of the recent news about how ‘Star Trek 4’ was losing actors and being shelved by Paramount, there is some hope on the horizon for the beleaguered franchise. Apparently, director Quentin Tarantino is still interested in doing a ‘Trek’ film of his own, something that Paramount is also very keen to move forward with, especially in light of the recent troubles with the main franchise. According to sources, at the moment it is just being held up by Tarantino’s busy schedule these days, though a statement he made recently makes it seem like the movie is farther along in development than some may have thought.


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While speaking to Empire Magazine recently, Tarantino said:

“There’s a script that exists for it now, I need to weigh in on it, but haven’t been able to do that yet.”

He also confirmed the idea his idea for a ‘Star Trek’ movie would involve the film being a bit more mature, something not seen by the franchise before:

“Oh yeah! It’s an R-rated move. If I do it, it’ll be R-rated.”

Of course, with Tarantino involved the film would be edgier, and with the success of the ‘Deadpool’ franchise and ‘Logan,’ I do not think any studio can completely count out an “R” rated movie as something that would not work with material that has traditionally been more family friendly. And going in this direction means shaking things us a bit, introducing elements not seen before for the ‘Star Trek’ universe, which is clearly an interesting notion for a lot of the original cast members, which is why stars like Karl Urban (of the newer films), William Shatner, and Patrick Stewart, and Jonathan Frakes have all expressed interest in the film, with Urban even going so far as to call the concept “bananas.”

What are your thoughts on a Tarantino ‘Star Trek?” Do you think he could make a film that would still stay true to the essence of the franchise? Or would it feel too “Tarantino-esque” to really be a ‘Star Trek’ movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Trek Movie