Matthew Vaughn Had An Entirely Different Idea For A Sequel To 'X-Men: First Class'

We all know that Matthew Vaughn left the “X-Men” franchise after ‘X-Men: First Class‘ but now have learned it was due to massive creative differences. While the director had pitched ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ he had done so as the third act in a trilogy and not the second story in the current set of films. In fact, Vaughn’s original idea would have kept the X-Men further in the past and would have given us a younger Wolverine before embarking on any time traveling shenanigans.


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Vaughn shares his thoughts on Fox bumping up of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ in the release order:

“That’s one of the reasons I didn’t continue because they didn’t listen to me. My plan was First Class, then second film was new young Wolverine in the 70s to continue those characters, my version of the X-Men. So you’d really get to know all of them, and my finale was gonna be Days of Future Past. That was gonna be my number three where you bring them all… because what’s bigger than bringing in McKellen and Michael and Stewart and James and bringing them all together?”

It is hard to argue that done right, that would have been a much better endcap than the abysmal release of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.’ As to why his idea for a younger Wolverine ended up failing and who he would have liked to see play the part:

“When I finished the Days of Future Past script with it ready to go, I looked at it and said, “I really think it would be fun to cast Tom Hardy or someone as the young Wolverine and then bring it all together at the end.” Fox read Days of Future Past and went “Oh, this is too good! We’re doing it now!” And I said, “Well what do you do next? Trust me, you’ve got nowhere to go.” Then they did Apocalypse, and it’s like… If you flip that’ round even it would have been better. Hollywood doesn’t understand pacing. Their executives are driving 100 miles-per-hour looking in the rear-view mirror and not understanding why they crash.”

Yes, trying to bring back the moneymakers is clearly what Fox had in mind, but fans and critics alike haven’t been thrilled with how that has played out so far. Of course, I’m not sure how I would have felt about Wolverine being recast at the time either.

Do you wish that Matthew Vaughn had been able to continue his vision for the “X-Men” franchise or is the idea of a younger Wolverine a deal breaker before his reboot into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!


Source: Collider