It seems that the “Reynolds-sance” is just beginning, as the actor and his writer friends from ‘Deadpool‘ have their sights set on a new science-fiction film known as ‘Life,’ which they will potentially be working on even as the start prepping the script for ‘Deadpool 2.’

‘Life’ will be produced with Skydance Production (‘Star Trek,’ ‘Jack Reacher’) and has Daniel Espinosa attached to direct, who formerly worked with Reynolds on his movie ‘Safe House.’ The film is set to be distributed by Paramount, with Rebecca Ferguson (‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’) lined up to co-headline the movie should Reynolds decide to star. The script is about astronauts on the International Space Station recovering a sample from Mars that shows not only signs of life, but unprecedented signs of Intelligent life. What the tone and genre of the film is no one is quite sure, as ‘Deadpool’ writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have been known for mixing genres and jumping from action to drama to horror quickly, so little can be said at this point until they actually get production off the ground.

As for Reynolds himself, it seems very likely that the project is something he will jump at, as aside from ‘Deadpool 2‘ (which is still very early in pre-production stages) he does not have much on his plate at the moment, though with the Reynolds-sance and all I would not be surprised if he was suddenly inundated with offers from studios who suddenly see the man as a viable option again. If he goes with ‘Life’ he will be working with writers and a director that he already knows and trusts, and will have a chance to make another splash at the box-office with an original film (not part of a big franchise) which is rare in Hollywood right now.

What are your thoughts on ‘Life’ and Reynold’s involvement? Share your opinions below!

Source: Screen Rant