Captain Marvel

Deleted scenes for ‘Captain Marvel’ were already appearing online before the digital release and now directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have shared the one which they had wanted in the theatrical cut. The scene involves the Kree Supreme Intelligence but isn’t one which has Carol Danvers in it. It was a different take on the scene where Captain Marvel was speaking with the leader of the Kree, but this take would have given a different nuance to the interaction.

Anna Boden: I think the scene where Jude visits his Supreme Intelligence is really fun – I think it’s on the deleted scenes – and it’s just one of those delicious after scenes where Jude Law is playing both characters and being both brutal and vulnerable in the same space.

Ryan Fleck: Yon-Rogg, of course, he’s himself when he visits the Supreme Intelligence.

Anna Boden: Because you see the person who you admire the most, right?

For those who needed a refresher, the Supreme Intelligence appears as “the person who you admire the most” which would have been quite fitting to have two iterations of Yon-Rogg appearing who were acting slightly different from one another.


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Is this a scene that you feel should have stayed in the final cut of ‘Captain Marvel’? What characters do you think other Marvel heroes might have ended up seeing if they had encounters the Supreme Intelligence? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

‘Captain Marvel’ is already available digitally and you can take it home on Blu-Ray June 11th, 2019!


Source: Cinema Blend