John Bradley As Samwell Tarly On 'Game Of Thrones'

Love or hate Samwell Tarly (John Bradley), he was one of the most important characters on ‘Game of Thrones.’ He was the average guy who was honestly thrown in over his head. No matter how successful many are at their day jobs or school, chances are many fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ would likely be best represented by his character in the series. Now that the finale has dropped, Bradley is opening up on how it was to let go of the show as well as his thoughts on where Sam ended up in the final season.


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When the final credits rolled, we were able to see that Sam is doing quite well for himself. We not only saw that he had become successful in the new world order but it was the first time that Bradley felt he could step away from the character while watching the events unfold on screen:

“I was watching Sam in that Small Council scene, and it was the first time ever that I watched the series and felt a weird kind of separation from the character I was seeing on the screen. Anytime before that, I would look at Sam and I’d see myself playing Sam, which is only natural. But this time? I was looking at him independently of me. I was watching this character I was just about to say goodbye to him and where I’d be leaving him. I looked at him as a human being. I was so incredibly proud of him and what he achieved over the course of this series.”

Being on the Small Council means that he “is going to change things. It’s going to lead to a better world. He’s going to contribute all of his humanity and his heart. He can change the realm for the better.” This is completely different from “when we met him, he was a shell of a boy with no confidence.”

Just as we saw with Arya’s final scene, this also is something fans and Bradley feel could be a fun ongoing spin-off that will never happen as when working on the Small Council scene:

“We wanted to get across that this could be a program all of its own, almost. It could be a play. When that scene finishes and the camera pans away and we’re left with them talking and bickering and arguing, I wanted it to feel that I was sad to be leaving them. I wanted the audience to feel like they wanted a seat at that table. How great would it be to be a fly on the wall, listening to all of these arguments, the banter? It creates a whole new comic dynamic that the show has never had before. Having all those personalities interacting in that way… it would be an amazing spinoff. I think people would want to see that, the sitcom of what they’re arguing about every week. All of the people at that table have so much to offer dramatically.”

Sadly, HBO has made it clear that they will likely only be doing the one prequel spinoff and nothing moving forward with the existing cast.

Do you feel that John Bradley really personified many of the viewers as Samwell Tarly On ‘Game of Thrones’? Would you have been up for watching a ‘Game of Thrones: The Small Council’ spinoff series? What did you like best or least about Sam during the run of the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: The Hollywood Reporter