Girls rule, boys drool!  At least according to The CW.  The networked ordered three new series following pilot presentations– ‘Batwoman’, the newest part of the Arrowverse; ‘Katy Keene’ a spinoff from ‘Riverdale’; and ‘Nancy Drew’, starring Kennedy McMann as the famous literary teen sleuth.

But The CW was not happy with the pilot for ‘The Lost Boys’, based on the classic 1987 vampire movie, and it is being revised.  The good news is that this wasn’t a flat-out pass, nor was it sent back to be redeveloped from scratch.  According to Entertainment Weekly, ‘The Lost Boys’ “will be re-piloted off-cycle and undergo reshoots as soon as some changes have been made.”


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Now we don’t know what these changes are.  There could be some recasting.  There could be certain story or setting elements that were determined not to be “working.”  As soon as these changes are made to the script, it sounds as though new scenes will be shot, “off-cycle,” meaning that The CW won’t wait until next year’s pilot season.  If the network likes the pilot after the alterations have been made, it could potentially be picked up as a mid-season replacement or a summer series, as The CW regularly utilizes several of both.

The ‘Lost Boys’ pilot was written by Heather Mitchell and directed by ‘Twilight’s Catherine Hardwicke.

Here was the description of the original pilot, but of course, that may change:

After 25 years away from home, Lucy Emerson (who is at the end of her financial rope) returns home to the small California beach town of Santa Carla, to live with her father Frank and teach at the local high school. But Lucy either doesn’t know or doesn’t share the town’s big secret with her two sons, Michael and Sam: Santa Carla has a nest of vampires secreted inside the city limits, and they are getting hungrier by the day.

Kiele Sanchez starred as Lucy, while Tyler Posey and Rio Mangini portrayed her sons Michael and Sam, respectively.  Del Zamora appeared as Lucy’s hippie father, while Cheyenne Haynes and Haley Tju portrayed the Frog Sisters, Liza and Cassie, gender-swapped from the Frog Brothers in the original film.  Dakota Shapiro was cast as David, the leader of the local vampires, while Medalion Rahimi played Stella, a beautiful vampire that beguiles Michael.  Sarah Hay’s character, Mollie, was created for the series, and is David’s rival for leadership of the vampires.  The pilot also included Jaycie Dotin, Courtney Paige, Jerry Trimble, and Preston Vanderslice.

Are you disappointed that The CW wasn’t pleased with the pilot for ‘The Lost Boys’?