‘The Lost Boys’ is getting a TV adaptation that is set to being production next month. While not much has been released about the remake, a source has revealed that the series will swap the genders of the Frog Brothers and refer to the group as the Frog Sisters.

A synopsis that was released for the pilot episode read:

“After 25 years away from home, Lucy Emerson (who is at the end of her financial rope) returns home to the small California beach town of Santa Carla, to live with her father Frank and teach at the local high school. But Lucy either doesn’t know or doesn’t share the town’s big secret with her two sons, Michael and Sam: Santa Carla has a nest of vampires secreted inside the city limits, and they are getting hungrier by the day.”

The Frog Brothers appeared in the original film as a group who ran a local comic book store and fancied themselves as vampire hunters. Based on the synopsis, the storyline of the series will fall in line with the events of the film, but swapping the gender of these characters could help the remake stand on its own. In the age of girl power, the change may come as a refreshing reminder that girls can be comic book nerds, too!

‘The Lost Boys’ served as the original ‘Twilight,’ romanticizing the lives vampires by depicting them as sexy and dangerous. The film has gained a cult following since its release in 1987. Among the film’s fans is Gary Dauberman, writer of ‘IT’ and the upcoming ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?.’ Speaking about the film, Dauberman said:

“It’s such a fun, scary movie. I forgot how influential it was on me at the time when it came out. And then you watch it, and you go, Oh my god, so much of the stuff I love is all packed into this movie. The scares are scary, and when the humor is there it’s funny, but it provides this lightness to contrast against all that darkness.”

He continued:

 “It makes the scares pop all the more. It could be made today with the same script and it would still fit in. But look at the cast! The cast is so f-cking cool, and they all were game for it.”

Stay tuned for more details on TV adaption of ‘The Lost Boys’ as they become available!