There have been a couple of television adaptions of Stephen King‘s ‘Salem’s Lot’ at this point, but a big budget take is now in the works. While the idea of yet another King property might have some horror fanatics less than thrilled, not only is this one of his classics, but James Wan and Gary Dauberman who are behind “The Conjuring” series are the ones that want to bring these undead vampires to life! They’ll be working on the movie through New Line with Dauberman writing the script and serving as executive producer while Wan will produce with Roy Lee and Mark Wolper.

There is no word as to who might be directing the film, but Dauberman and fan-favorite Wan would both be ideal candidates if either were willing to make the commitment.


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‘Salem’s Lot’ was initially released in 1975 and followed an author who wants to write about an abandoned mansion from the town he grew up in. Only, when he gets back, he finds that a secretive man from Europe has purchased the house and has been slowly turning the town into vampires.

A 1979 miniseries was the first take on the property that had a 1987 sequel while TNT released another in 2004 which starred Rob Lowe.


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It seems unlikely that Wan will end up directing the picture as he has been staying away from working directly behind the camera when it comes to horror in recent years but knowing that he and Dauberman are once again teaming up will likely mean that this will be a guaranteed box office hit.

Are you excited that a big budget take on ‘Salem’s Lot’ is being created? Do you feel that with both Wan and Dauberman being behind the film that we’re in for a hit? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: The Hollywood Reporter