16-Year-Old 'The Witcher' Actor, Mya-Lecia Naylor, Has Passed Away

It has been reported that 16-year-old British actor Mya-Lecia Naylor has passed away.  She reportedly died suddenly on April 7, after collapsing, but the news of her passing has just been made public.  Naylor had been cast in Netflix’s upcoming series ‘The Witcher’, which is headlined by Henry Cavill.  The series is currently in production but reports conflict as to whether or not Naylor had filmed her scenes before her death.  Either way, depending on the size of her role, it will likely be necessary to recast.

Her management agency announced her passing via a statement on Twitter:

In her native England, Naylor has been acting since she was a child, and recently starred on the CBBC children’s series ‘Almost Never’ and ‘Millie Inbetween’.  She also appeared in the Wachowski’s science fiction film ‘Cloud Atlas’.

CBBC released the following statement:

“We’re so sorry to need to inform you Mya-Lecia, that you may know from Millie Inbetween and Practically Never, has really regrettably died.  Mya-Lecia has been a much-loved part of the BBC Children’s loved ones, along with a hugely gifted performer, dancer, and singer. We’ll miss her enormously and we’re certain you may wish to join us in sending our love for her loved ones and friends.”

Naylor’s role on ‘The Witcher’ is unknown, so it isn’t clear how large a presence she would have had on the show.  As the news of her death has just emerged, no one connected to Netflix or ‘The Witcher’ has made a public statement regarding her.

Thoughts and prayers go out to her loved ones.

‘The Witcher’ is due on Netflix in the fourth quarter of this year.


Source: CBS News