Despite Earlier Reports, DC Universe Does Not Appear To Be In Trouble

Warner Brothers representatives want to shoot down any talk about the DC Universe streaming service being in danger.  This buzz began earlier when it was announced that ‘Swamp Thing’ had shut down production earlier than anticipated and that the first season of this exclusive show had been cut down from 13 episodes to 10.  While that is true, the reps indicated that this was due to “creative differences” with that show alone and that it had nothing to do with the overall state of DC Universe, which they insist has outpaced expectations.  The service recently revealed that it would soon be accessible through Xbox One.  As it stands, it can only be accessed through a computer or mobile device, making it harder to enjoy if you prefer to watch your programming on a TV.


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‘Swamp Thing’ was expected to film into May, with the first episode being offered on May 31.  That launch date will likely remain the same, as DC Universe offers up new episodes one per week, and not in the binge-friendly all-at-once style of Netflix.  This approach means that there would still be time to complete post-production on later episodes as the earlier episodes are rolled out.

‘Swamp Thing’ will be the third live-action original show offered by DC Universe, following ‘Titans’ and ‘Doom Patrol’, and the fourth overall, including the animated ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’.  DC Universe still has the live-action ‘Stargirl’ and animated ‘Harley Quinn’ on tap for later this year.  It should be noted that ‘Titans’ was renewed for a second season, and ‘Doom Patrol’ was not planned from the start, but was ordered as a series after these characters appeared in an episode of ‘Titans’ that the executives loved so much that they were given their own program.


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There has been some speculation as to the health of DC Universe, as the streaming service has been offering many preview options for non-subscribers to check it out, seemingly in an effort to gain more subscribers.  More features have been added including an expanded library of digital comics and streaming day-and-date streaming access for original animated series released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Then there was the press conference held last week in which Disney announced its expansive Disney+ streaming service, which at $6.99 a month, is cheaper than DC Universe, which costs $7.99 a month, and the Disney service offers far more programming.

There may still be some changes to DC Universe moving forward, but for the time being, the issues with ‘Swamp Thing’ look to be isolated.  So subscribers should still expect to see ‘Titans’ Season 2, ‘Stargirl’, and ‘Harley Quinn’ later this year.

Check back for any further updates.


Source: /Film