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Over the weekend, Emily Bett Rickards shocked and disappointed fans of ‘Arrow’ by announcing that she would exit the series at the end of the current seventh season and would not return for the eighth, which had already been announced as being the show’s last, and would be shortened to only ten episodes.  Showrunner Beth Schwartz reported that she was in the process of writing the Season 7 finale, and that “We kinda knew” Rickards’ feelings about returning and that her character Felicity’s departure “is addressed at the end of this season.”  That means fans won’t have to wait until the fall to learn why Felicity is no longer in Star City.


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Fans were already thrown for a loop when Stephen Amell announced that he had chosen not to sign on for additional seasons after his current contract was up, which led to the decision to end the series with a shortened eighth installment.  Despite the lesser commitment, Rickards announced on Instagram, “Felicity and I are a very tight two, but after one through seven we will be saying goodbye to you.”

Schwartz and her co-executive producer Greg Berlanti reacted, writing:

“[A]lthough we’re heartbroken to see both Emily and Felicity leave the show, we’re completely supportive of Emily and her future endeavors. She will always have a family at Arrow.”

Does that mean that Felicity will be gone for good, or will she at least return for the show’s grand finale?

Unfortunately, Schwartz replied, “I cannot comment on that.”

Rickards’ Felicity has been part of the series from the first episode.  She and Oliver were married in Season 6, and her character is shown to still be alive in the show’s flash forwards.  Though the name “Felicity Smoak” is taken from a character in DC Comics, Rickards’ role is basically an original creation for the show.

How would you like to see Felicity written out of ‘Arrow’?

Source: TV Line